Win10 Becoming Unstable – Tips


Mengatasi Windows 10 menjadi tidak stabil:
– Tidak responsif
– Restart dan Shutdown lambat atau berhenti
– BSOD (blue screen of death) pertama sejak era XP

Alternatif solusi:

1. Maintenance standar
Buka PowerShell (Admin): WindowsKey+X, A
Lalu jalankan di console:
sfc /scannow
chkdsk c: /f /r /x

2. Matikan fitur Fast Start Up
Menu power: Settings, Power & Sleep, Additional Power Settings, Choose What The Power Buttons Do, Change settings that are currently unavailable,
Kosongkan (matikan) kotak: Turn on fast startup (recommended)
Save changes

3. Set system cache, dari otomatis menjadi nilai tertentu
Buka system setting: WindowsKey+X, System
Advance System Settings, Performance – Settings, Advanced, Virtual Memory – Change,
Kosongkan (matikan) kotak: Automatically manage paging file size for all drives
Custom Size
Isi Initial Size dan Maximum Size = Recommended Size (yang besarnya tertulis di sebelah bawah)
Set, OK

4. Scan anti-virus dan jalankan anti malware
Antivirus sebaiknya berbayar

5. Install .NET Framework 3.5

6. Jika menggunakan Classic Shell, uninstall Classic Shell dengan ClassicShellUtility.exe dari sebelum menginstall ulang

If Classic Shell was removed by Windows 10, fear not. It can be reinstalled if you follow these steps:

1) You have to download the separate Classic Shell Utility ( to remove the broken installation left behind by Windows 10

2) Download the latest installer of Classic Shell and reinstall it.


7. Disable semua program startup selain Microsoft, lalu enable satu persatu.
Run – msconfig

8. Uninstall Update 1607 (Windows Anniversary Update)


Windows 10 ?

No thank you. Win 7 is still the best.
– The update is p2p downloader, Microsoft bittorent network.
– Bandwidht sucking download, multiple failure install.
– Will kill your anti virus, replace it with Ms own Windows Defender.
– Ugly metro damaging your beautiful desktop. They fired the ugly metro tile-worlds designer but keep the remnants of the failed design.
– Minimalist windows logo is weak, color-less, no arch.
– Start menu and taskbar below the great Win7 features.
– They made it difficult to add application links on the desktop.
– Windows explorer hides everything.
– Not users friendly control panel, with lots of hidden settings.
– Spyware feature deeply buried, Microsoft-Man knows you better than yourself.
– No desktop gadget, the peak of entire Windows desktop technology,
– No DVD player… what ??? hey its 2016….. c’mon. I know VLC media player is superior, but Windows without DVD player….???

I’d rather wait for Win11 to repair Win10.

Privacy -If the enforcement policies were tough, however, they have nothing on the privacy violations Microsoft requests in the Windows 10 EULA. A notable section reads:

“We will access, disclose and preserve personal data, including your content (such as the content of your emails, other private communications or files in private folders), when we have a good faith belief that doing so is necessary.”



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